2018 March


BASELWORLD, held from March 22 (Thu) to 27 (Tue), is the world's largest watch and jewelry fair. As usual, it was held in Basel, a place located at the border of the three countries of Germany, France and Switzerland.As the latest models from so many brands are announced each year, it is a big event where many enthusiasts and watches lovers gather together from around the world.
We will report our visit to Basel this year.

Arrived to Basel via Amsterdam, it was cold like returning to midwinter, unlike the early spring weather in Tokyo.This year we rented a private apartment again. It was a very accessible place with a 15-minute walk to the exhibition venue.

Arrived to Basel via Amsterdam
This year we rented a private apartment again
it was entertaining just walking around them
The Visitors came from all over the world

Visiting Basel for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the quality and size of the booths of high brands and realized again that there are so many watch brands in the world.For each brand booth, the worldview of the brand is presented uniquely, it was entertaining just walking around them. The Visitors came from all over the world, speaking various languages in the venue.

Ariana San and Mario San

WENGER exhibited at the joint booth with VICTORINOX at Hall 1.1. This year, the 125th anniversary for WENGER, so the special object was placed at the booth. A photo with Ariana San and Mario San is to commemorate this occasion.

WENGER 125th anniversary model, don't Miss It!

the 125th anniversary for WENGER

Left:Special Edition 125th (Scheduled to be launched in the fall of 2018)
Very rare for WENGER to have an automatic model.This item is limited to 1893 pieces to commemorate the year when WENGER was born.The sophisticated appearance looks very WENGER.

Right:Special Edition 125th (Scheduled to be launched in the summer of 2018)
A chronograph model in which the number 1, 2 and 5 are emphasized in red color to commemorate the 125 anniversaries. With Black ion plate coating, it is perfect fit for everyday use with a hint of military taste.


This is the Hall 2 venue where TACS is exhibiting.Thanks to the sun in the daytime, it's warm and people are having lunch and coffee brake outside.

TACS Booth

TACS exhibited at Hall 2.0.A new display method of hanging the clear board matches the clean space of TACS brand image. Many people were entering the booth, gazing the expression of time of each model's that were very unique.

At the booth, there was a design competition event for PLP. The winner of the design will be given an actual watch with the design. PLP stands for Point Line Plane, which is an iconic model of TACS based on the concept of points, lines and planes which is the basis of design.
It was impressive that so many people from small children to adults were taking part in this event. It is special to have a watch with the own design and that is only one in the world.

TACS Items
It is special to have a watch with the own design and that is only one in the world

TIME GLASS and ICICLE will be on sale soon!


ICICLE (to be released in May 2018)
A design of "icicle" that gathers light.The rising bubbles between 11 o'clock and 12 o'clock express the lightness and freedom of time.The main feature of this item is a dial which looks through the layer of light, a transparent windshield with special processing, and a case with mirror finish.


TIMEGLASS (to be released in June 2018)
Inspired by hourglass design.Hourglass is said to have a meaning of the future at the top, the past at the bottom, and the present at the center.It is a wrist watch that expresses the importance of the moment "Now".By adopting a Swiss movement without a crown, it has a minimal appearance.

running through the streets with colors of Europe seems to be easily picturesque

A beautiful city with cobbled streets, red sandstone walls and colorful roof tiles, traveling in the city of Basel by tram, running through the streets with colors of Europe seems to be easily picturesque.

In this trip to Basel. It was a very good opportunity to share information and exchange opinions directly with WENGER and TACS.Also, we were able to introduce our new models to a lot of people and they loved them. I am very excited to the future releases. We will continue to work more on the growth of WENGER and TACS in Japan.Everyone who came to WENGER and TACS booth this time, editors and writers who interviewed us, thank you a lot for your time when you are busy.
On the way back to Japan, we stuck in France for one day due to the strike that had occurred several days ago ...
But it was a memorable business trip that I experienced for the first time in my life.