2018 August

JACK MASON Report 2018

  • ダラスは成田から直行便で約11時間
  • ダラス・フォートワース国際空港(DFW)
  • ダラスはアメリカ合衆国南部有数の世界都市

We went to Dallas, Texas, USA for a meeting with Jack Mason's team, which has been handling since August 26th to 30th. Arrived at Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) about 11 hours direct from Narita. We arrived around 18 o'clock, but it was still bright and blue sky like afternoon. I visited the land in Dallas, Texas for the first time, but I felt the temperature much higher than Japan and the sunlight was much stronger than Japan.Dallas is one of the world's leading cities in the southern United States of America, with a population-rich town in the province after Houston and San Antonio. It is located in the confluence zone of Elm River and West River river, has developed as a base of transportation from long ago, and still functions as the center of finance and economics today. It is also known as a relatively gourmet city and the number of restaurants to population is said to be twice that of New York.

Arrival in downtown by taxi from the airport in 20 minutes. Downtown is a business district, so people came to work in the morning, but there was not much traffic around at night. This time, the rides that I saw everywhere in the city. There were many black electric scooters running among young people in the town.Here, the means of transport that is rapidly increasing in popularity recently, the ride called BIRD. It is a scooter as a new type of transportation means that you can easily rent unattended to any place you like and drop it off. It is said that it starts with a special application and uses it. You can get rid of where you like, so you can easily ride. I thought that I would like you to use in Japan as well.

  • ダウンタウンはビジネス街
  • 新しいタイプの移動手段としてのスクーター
  • Deep Ellum(ディープエラム)という街
  • 地元のアーティストに壁面のデザイン等を依頼している文化
  • ジャックメイソンのオフィスはダウンタウンから車で10分ほど
  • 街を歩いていると面白い壁面絵画などにも目が留まります

Jack Mason's office is in the city called Deep Ellum, which went about 10 minutes by car from downtown. Deep Ellum is an area where galleries, restaurants and night spots concentrate. It is also the place where many artists of jazz and blues were born early in the 20th century, and the live house seems to be wide from jazz to heavy meta.If you are walking in the city, your eyes will stay on walls and other paintings that are interesting. Since long ago, a culture that has asked local artists to design walls, etc. is continuing, and there are many art based businesses in this town including photographer, tattoo artist, gallery owner, recording studio, graphic designer .  

  • ジャックメイソンのオフィスは1960年代の工場の跡地
  • ブランドカラーであるネイビーがアクセントのオフィス
  • スタッフは全部で15人ほど
  • 企画からデザイン、アメリカ国内の出荷等もしています
  • JACK MASON(ジャックメイソン)オフィス1
  • JACK MASON(ジャックメイソン)オフィス2
  • JACK MASON(ジャックメイソン)オフィス3
  • JACK MASON(ジャックメイソン)オフィス4
  • JACK MASON(ジャックメイソン)オフィス5
  • JACK MASON(ジャックメイソン)オフィス7
  • JACK MASON(ジャックメイソン)オフィス8

The office of Jack Mason in such Deep Ellum is the former site of the factory in the 1960s. I also stick to the interior and exterior, it was a nice office with an indigo blue which is a brand color accents. In an open and open-minded workshop, everyone has a peaceful and cozy atmosphere. Some staff were bringing their dogs. Here we are planning to design, shipping in the USA, etc. There was a warehouse and Jack Mason's trademark air stream on the back of the office. The interior decoration of the actual air stream was very spacious and it was a space stuck to the interior.There is a gallery space in the office, and you can feel Jack Mason's view of the world. In addition, new models and ideas of productions are arranged everywhere on the wall, and now it is said that they are using the summer model in 2019. This time they showed the products of 2018 FW, 2019 SS in various ways. There are many series and models not handled in Japan, it was a while to watch and enjo

  • JACK MASON(ジャックメイソン)オフィス9
  • 新しいタイプの移動手段としてのスクーター

At lunchtime, they take us to a famous BBQ shop in Texas. It seems to be a very popular shop, and a lot of people enjoyed lunch time. It was very delicious with tasty meat of Texas.

  • 新しいタイプの移動手段としてのスクーター
  • ジャックメイソンのオフィスは1960年代の工場の跡地
  • ブランドカラーであるネイビーがアクセントのオフィス
  • スタッフは全部で15人ほど
  • アットホームな雰囲気
  • 企画からデザイン、アメリカ国内の出荷等もしています
  • オフィスにはギャラリースペース

After the meeting, we went to see a shop actually selling Jack Mason. About 370 stores in the United States Nordstrom is one of the famous department stores in the United States. Jack Mason is the best selling store. There are three department stores in the large mall. It is common in the United States where the land is wide, but it is hard to make in Japan. The inside of the shop was also very spacious and it took a whole day to go all the shops. The inside of the shop was very beautiful and there were interesting objects everywhere.Jack Mason was displayed cleanly in the box and occupied the first space in the watch department. We could see where we actually sell and we could feel the popularity in the USA. This time, we were able to actually see Jack Mason's office and the city of Dallas, which was a business trip that made our thoughts on brands stronger.
New products will be released in December of this year, so please look forward to future Jack Mason!