2016 April


"BASEL WORLD -as known as Basel fair-" was held on March 23th-30th.
This is one of the biggest watch and jewelry trade fair in the world which over 2000 companies attend. Here at Basel World, since tons of brands gather to show their new models, there will be a lot of buyer, press staff and people who look for new business partner also visit here every year. Furthermore, after certain days, public/local people are allowed to visit this exhibition, thus at the end, total visitors would be over 100000. At watch area, not only fancy brands which have long histories, there are also fashion brands, Swiss watch brands, worldwide international brands and other new born brands have booth filled with many people.

basel stage
buyer etc

Our company decide to distribute a brand called WENGER so, there are 2brands TACS and WENGER in BASEL WORLD.



TACS Booth

TACS Stage
TACS Watches

I'll show and share you a bit our business trip in Basel as always.

We've just arrived at the Basel airport.


The exhibition starts late in March this year. I think, it feel warm that's why it was a little bit delaying to start that...
As I told you, we could watches a lot of people who were feeling confortable to be outside the Basel World.

Swiss scenery
basel world scenery

We were very busy because we had a lot of appointments with buyers, editors, and writers to show our brands and new products.But the reason was not only appointments but also the location of our 2 brands booth.
WENGER was in Hall 1.1, and TACS was in Hall 2.0...It was far between them.
That's why I explained that.

WENGER new products.
All of WENGER products are new for Japan market.Launchi timing would be middle of April.There were new products for 2017.

New Collection WENGER

There are new products in autumn 2017.

New Products WENGER

The picture is very powerful one shot which team WENGER is wearing new products and huddling up them.

WENGER's Stuff

TACS new products.
TACS will launch 2 new products in this year 2017.
One is new color of day and night and the other is 2nd collection of PLP.The new color of DAY and NIGHT woud be launch in July.Lookinf forward to launching soon.
The picture is TACS booth that is decolated by team TACS.

TACS Team Member

In the exhibition meeting place, an atelier was contained in hall 1.2 for the first time. 10 - 20 watches brands that was made and displayed by hand work of art.At the corner of the entrance we find several shops,like Laduree that is very famous as macaron and a brandy shop from Armenia.We can buy macaron that are freshily! How wonderfulthat are!

Other Watch Brand

There are very impacted show window we find.

Individual Display
To draw an eye out Display

Fancy meeting STARBUCKS near the Swiss Basel station.I felt relieved that's why I found a coffee shop. Is it only me?


We were very busy and exciting exhibition in Basel, this time, too.How quickly time goes!I'm appriciate with our business partoners.I met with team WENGER in person and a lots people were interesting in TACS this time.They were very kind and gentle.I hope that 2brands get a lot of fun and improve their brand stages step by step.And I also hope that the exhibition has a lot of effort for our brand
Many thanks for your time to come our TACS and WENGER boothes and interviewed.
TSCHEUS! (バイバイ!)
At Basel airport in early morning.
It's a time to leave Swiss.
Thank you Basel, and Bye*

Basel Airport