2016 March

16th, early in the morning. We met up at NRT.

For me, this was the first time to visit Basel, so I had very mixed feeling… Nervous but excited!

It took us almost 15hours flight to get to Basel. Transit at Amsterdam made me feel like I was really in different country.

Lunch on the flight of KLM. The bread was warm and made me a bit relaxed.


Transit at AMS. This place wasn’t huge, but everything was organized. For us, this was a city hopper to Basel, but we needed to get security check again. It reminded me of the time at YVR…

After the security check, finally another an hour flight towards Basel.

basel air port

16th at night in Basel, we slept as soon as we finished our dinner at the condo… Next day on the deck, what I saw was beautiful that I forgot the cold temperature and the jetlag. The sunrise and a church looked pretty!

basel morning

Rode a tram to Basel World. We didn’t need to change any lines to the site, and that made us going there a lot easier! Also, since it was right before Easter, we found some trees with adornment on the way to the tram stop. So cute!


Entrance of Basel World.

basel picture

Inside of the site. Had no idea that these huge booth were built inside of the building. Each booth, each brand had their original and unique display, and staffs were welcoming their guests.

booth of VERSACE

booth of Overseas manufacturer

After our fist appointment in the morning, we went to TACS booth. From this year, TACS was able to have a booth at HALL2!!! yay

We got several interviews as well, and they all were very interested the products. Thank you all for coming to the booth while you were very busy.

booth of TACS

Lunch at Basel were basically inside of the site.

Everything came with a big portion. I was very surprised with this much of French fries. haha


Like this, we stayed at Basel world for 3days having interviews and business meeting.

interviews and business meeting

Basel has very beautiful streets with a lot of greens, and nice, kind people.

Also, since this place was near Germany, France and Italy, I could hear 3 languages on streets. It made me so excited!

beautiful streets

very beautiful streets

It made me so excited

One of the biggest watch exhibition in the world, BASEL WORLD.

I was informed that there were less visitors compare to last year, however, the show was still bustled with many brands and visitors.

Thank you very much for the valuable moment BASEL WORLD…!


On the last day, driver gave us a final ride to the airport.

He told us that EuroAirport Basel=Mulhouse Airport is located between the border of Switzerland and France, thus we were in France for several seconds. It was very interesting experience to me. Aside to that, we entered from French side, and they all spoken in French. I loved to see these cultural difference away from Japanese culture!

I can’t wait to see how BASEL WORLD 2017 is going to be…

Until then, CIAO*!

basel airports