2015 December

  • 代官山蔦屋
  • 夜の代官山蔦屋

TACS and business books @Daikanyama Tsutaya collaborations just started on 1st.

Daikanyama Tsutaya is known for one of the most beautiful book stores in the world.

Do you feel you use time perfectly in your hectic days?

When you look at the time, it is almost the end of the day…every day goes very fast doesn’t it?

Sure you do have great job, doing what you like and having passion to what you do for living, but at the same time, you feel you are missing something…

Then, TACS is the one for you.

"Being myself", "Trying something new","aking you feel excited"or"Surprisingly you love the artwork",this is the feeling TACS might give you.

At this collaborations, TACS focused on business books and business people, and offer you lifestyles.

Daikanyama, which is located in a sophisticated area and staff welcome your visit.

At this place, TACS might look a bit more mature for you…?

Please come and check the book and TACS at this great opportunity, and your image and feeling about time would be changed.

- Solid on Business -

"Wear sophisticated design on your business scene"

TACS meets Daikanyama Tsutaya Book store

Period:Dec, 1st, 2015 (TUE) ~ Jan,31st, 2016 (SUN)

Place:Daikanyama Tsutaya Book store 1st building, 1st floor, Business book area

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Daikanyama Tsutaya Book store



17-5 Sarugakucho,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo,Japan.