2019 November

Dallal Report 2019

Hello. I am Kumai who is in charge of PR.
From November 2nd (Sat) to 8th (Fri), I went to Los Angeles and Texas in the US, so I would like to report on that.First from Narita to Los Angeles. Unlike Japan, which has become chilly, the 11-hour flight has been relieved by the warm weather and the beautiful blue sky.

This time I visited “ComplexCon" held in Long Beach, Los Angeles. “ComplexCon" is a street fashion event.Mr. Takashi Murakami participated as an art director and gathered various contents such as fashion, art, food and music live. Many young people who liked street fashion visited for limited items.

Participating brands include "PUMA", “ATMOS", “ONITSUKA TIGER", “FIRST DOWN", etc., as well as store booths by Japanese brands and companies such as “ONE PIECE" and “Godzilla". There are a lot of eyes. In addition, Japanese convenience stores and Japanese animation were also used in many visuals. Among watch brands, "G-SHOCK" and "TIMEX" exhibited. Each was selling collaboration items.  

A little stroll around Long Beach after the event. Long Beach, which stretches from the Gulf to the inland facing the Pacific Ocean, was a place where you could feel both the liberating atmosphere of the sea and the urban sensibility. The waterfront area that attracts many tourists from around the world every year seems to be famous for its aquarium, huge luxury cruise ship "Queen Mary", yacht harbor, etc.

The next day, I moved from Los Angeles to Dallas, Texas. Travel by plane is 3 hours. There was a distance from the airport to the hotel and it was a one-day trip. Unlike the warmth in Los Angeles, it is as chilly as in Japan. This is my second visit to Dallas, Texas. JACK MASON and BREDA offices are in a city called Deep Ellum. This time we came to meet with these two brands. The first day goes to JACKMASON. An office that has been refurbished in the 1960s and has a special focus on interior decoration. The exterior is a beautiful building that stands out with the brand color Indigo Blue. This time, the meeting will focus on the future direction of the brand and new stories. Since 2020 will be a major turning point for Jack Mason, we have shared information on activities in Japan, marketing and branding.
Here are some unpublished products. Handling in Japan is still undecided, but I hope you can look forward to it in the future.

On the second day, go to BREDA. Last year, when I visited Jack Mason, I found a new brand that started working in April this year. BREDA with a simple and minimal design. An open office based on white and wood grain. There is also a studio for small lounges and shooting. It is a lively brand with many young staff at home.

Sharing the marketing situation in the US and the situation in Japan. We had you show new work of 2020. Next year, you will be able to enjoy a different BREDA atmosphere, so please look forward to new works!

After the meeting, walk to lunch. The impression is that the number of restaurants has increased since last year, and the number of more fashionable restaurants has increased.The reason for this is that there are many branch offices in Dallas and other large companies, but because Uber branch offices have also recently been established in Deep Elam, there are more living environments and restaurants, and a place where many people gather. It seems to be.
This time, we had a long business trip from Los Angeles to Texas, but through discussions with Jack Mason and Breda, our desire to become even more exciting in Japan became stronger.New products will be released one after another next year, so please look forward to future Jack Mason and Breda!