2018 May

United By Blue Cleanup Activity operated by Marsa International in Japan

May 15 (Sun) Cleanup on Shirosato beach in Chiba Prefecture!

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On Sunday, May 20, we conducted a cleanup on the Shirasato coast of Chiba Prefecture.
United By Blue conducts clean-up activities since the establishment of the company, "For every product sold, United By Blue removes one pound of trash from our world's oceans and waterways." United By Blue is actively engaged in environmental conscious activities.
On the Shirasato coast, the local people conduct beach clean activities on the third Sunday of every month. We participated in this cleanup activity this time.

The fine white sand and the gentle coast of shallow depth continues. At first glance, it looked beautiful and there seemed to be no trash, but when I started out the cleaning there were many empty cans, plastics, fragments of glass, etc. I was able to pick up a lot of trash in a little time.

We are going to continue cleanup activities, and we would like to contribute to environmental protection even for a little!

We are waiting for your participation next time.



About 5 minutes from Kujuuri IC of Togane Kujukuri Toll Road via Route 30

By Train

About 30 minutes from JR Ooami Station Sotobo Line by local bus bound for Sunrise Kujukuri or Shirako Garage to "Shirosato beach"


October 15 (Sun) at 9 o'clock -

Meeting time / place

We meet at the entrance of Shirosato beach parking at 8:50.

*Postponed in case of rain.

Cleanup Activity Document


About United By Blue

We created this company because we wanted to make a bigger, more measurable impact on our oceans and encourage people to do the same. So we stopped simply writing checks and started organizing and hosting these cleanups. We wanted to do our part to clean the waterways ourselves.
That’s also why we take the care to create products that use responsible materials (like recycled polyester, which reuses plastic bottles so they won’t wind up in gyres). If you’d like to help, we’d love to see you at our next cleanup.

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