2015 October

Attended Good Design Award 2015 Celebration at Grand Hyatt Tokyo on Nov.4th.

There were other winners from other companies with happiness and smiles. The moment was our pleasure to share the atmosphere together.

Our first entry, MORGENWERK admirably won the award, and the judge gave comments as "The product uses materials and has functions which can satisfy customer's buying intention. Also, since everything is located on the right place, there is no waste to its shape but it still looks stylish. It made us feel that the brand pursue the perfection. This product is well produced for people who use this everyday".

It was our honor to hear this fantastic words from them. Thank you so much!

MORGENWERK is a brand that you want to check in 2016 and even after. Don't miss it!

good design award logo
morgenwerk mw001-22
morgenwerk designer Arne Maximilian Romer


Arne Maximilian Romer


*On the podium

GOOD DESIGN AWARD Sales staff and CEO who came to the celebration in hurry

*Sales staff and CEO who came to the celebration in hurry